Management Advisory Committee
The Committee develops an annual management plan that promotes and enhances the Foundation’s objectives for increased board and organizational functioning. The Committee implements the Board-approved management plan activities and advises the Board on any emerging issues.

Fund Development Committee
The Fund Development Advisory Committee develops an annual fund development plan that promotes and enhances the Foundation’s objectives to seek new financial donations, and maintain ongoing donations, to sustain a permanent endowment fund. The Committee will implement the Board approved fund development plan activities and advise the Board on any emerging issues.

Investment Advisory Committee
The Committee develops and recommends an Investment Policy to support the Board of Directors of the Golden & District Community Foundation in successfully evaluating and monitoring the investment of the Foundations capital within acceptable levels of risk. Our objectives for this investment policy can be drawn right out of our mission and purpose. The Golden & District Community Foundation holds its funds in perpetuity and grants out only the income from it’s capital.  Our objective must be to maximize our investment returns within acceptable risk levels.

Marketing Advisory Committee
The Committee strives to grow the foundation’s permanent assets by raising awareness through media relations, events and promotions in the community. The Committee also liaises with donors, helping them to fulfill their philanthropic goals.

Grants Advisory Committee
The Committee has adopted a sound and fair granting protocol where grant applications are systematically graded to ensure that projects with the greatest need and the greatest chance of success are supported. Donors are welcome to review the granting policies to ensure that income from donor funds are fairly distributed well into the future.

Youth Advisory Committee
The Committee supports local youth initiatives, holds a number of youth-focused endowment funds. In the past, the Committee guided the Golden Youth Opportunities Council (GYOC).

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