Fund Types

The Foundation administers many different types of permanent funds, helping donors achieve their philanthropic goals. Donations of cash, publicly traded securities, life insurance, real estate, gifts in kind, and bequests are all acceptable methods of giving. Endowment fund donations remain as a permanent legacy to our community.

Community Fund
The income from the Community Fund gives the Foundation the flexibility to address the emerging needs of our ever changing community. Grants from this fund are at the discretion of the Board and are distributed once per year. The overall size of the grant each year is based on the previous year’s interest income earned.
e.g. Community Endowment Fund

Scholarship Fund
You can establish a Scholarship Fund to support programs currently funded by the Foundation, including high school seniors, foreign travel or perhaps within an organization we support. Your fund is administered by the GDCF and you receive tax benefits from your gift. You avoid the hassles and expense of establishing a private scholarship fund.  These funds provide scholarships for Golden Secondary School graduates.
e.g. Durand Scholarship Fund, GSS Legacy Fund, and the LaRue Memorial Trust Fund

Field of Interest Fund
Establishing a Field of Interest Fund allows you to direct your giving as narrowly or as broadly as you choose - to pick the cause closest to your heart. Whether it's fostering the arts, children's literacy or music, empowering youth in our community or preserving our precious environment, you can depend on the Community Foundation to carry out your wishes.
e.g. Adventure Realm Fund

Charitable Organization Fund
The income from these funds is designated to benefit a specific, existing charitable organization (none active).

Family Fund
The income from these funds, established by individual family groups, can be designated to the charity of a family’s choice, or distribution can be left to the discretion of the GDCF.

Memorial Fund
Many people today, when faced with the death of a family member or friend, prefer to provide some tangible support for charity rather than receive a multitude of floral tributes. A memorial fund, established in the name of the deceased and supported by one large or many small gifts, creates a legacy, a perpetual remembrance and your loved one's name will become a permanent living memorial that will have great meaning.

Donor Advised Fund
The income from these funds is distributed annually on the donor’s instructions. This allows the donor to obtain the essential elements of a private foundation without the related costs and ongoing administration.
e.g. David Braul Memorial and Allen Williams Memorial funds.

Naming the Community Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or trust can be the simplest gift.
Charitable Life Insurance
Designate the Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing policy.
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