How does the Community Foundation help?

The level of philanthropic activity within a community is an indicator of its social health and economic well being. One of the indicators of the awareness level of the Golden & District Community Foundation is the donations it receives from the community. Its granting programs build the capacity of many organizations and improve the quality of life for residents in the community.

The Foundation can provide funds in good times and in bad. Whereas most charities are required by law to disperse their funds in the year that donations are received, the GDCF invests gifts and distributes grants only when earnings are available. The principal keeps working year after year so that funds continue to support community endeavours.

Each year project applications from qualifying charitable organizations are accepted and grants awarded. Membership in Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) provides expertise and support for the GDCF. In addition, the GDCF consults with the Vancouver Foundation on an ongoing basis.

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