Scholarships & Bursaries

The GDCF manages many scholarship and bursaries on behalf of Golden Secondary School and Golden Teachers Association, with the support of the Columbia Valley Credit Union. The following endowment funds provide substantial annual awards:

Endowment Fund Endowment Value
(as of Dec 31, 2014)
Aman Virk Memorial Scholarship $25,582.95
Eugene & Irene LaRue Memorial Trust $239,767.17
GSS Youth Legacy Scholarship $29,830.79
Future Contractors Scholarship $8,202.56
Henry M. Durand Bursary $49,824.95
Tera Jubinville Memorial Bursary $15,255.93
Total: $368,464.35

The Mike McKnight Ski Industry Award $16,305.27

Every year, the earnings from these scholarship funds are provided to deserving graduates under the guidance of the Golden Secondary School Scholarship Committee.  Scholarships are awarded for exceptional academic performance, while bursaries are based on financial need and other specific considerations.  With the increasing costs of post-secondary education, these awards are needed more than ever.
These endowment funds are the result of the generosity of local residents and businesses.  The funds are always growing and the GDCF will always accept donations of any size by cheque, cash or credit card through
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